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It's never been more difficult to win and retain customers.  Nor has it ever been more important to be good at it.

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For some time now, the Big Four and mid-tier professional services firms have enjoyed meagre - if any, organic fee growth.  Most expansion having come by way of acquisitions of or mergers with other firms.  If firms aren't able to reacquire the dark arts of rainmaking, they will be highly exposed in the event of a significant downturn or other shock.

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The Challenger Sale introduced the concepts of rational drowning and emotional impact, and how to use them to shake buyers from their comfortable status quos.  Used astutely, they're powerful tools in engaging and persuading prospects.

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Perhaps we need to be asking a different question?

If a 0.5% improvement in revenue conversion can double profitability and valuation - the same effect as reducing costs by 34% or increasing sales prices by 25%, but with nowhere near the associated risks or costs, why aren't more CEO's even thinking about it?

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Organic revenue growth can be well worth the wait.

Organic growth doesn't usually get CEO's and investors too excited.  It takes time and required patience and discipline.  It mightn't be as sexy and take longer to arrive than the acquired variety, but it’s less risky, less costly and way more valuable in the end.

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Lies, damned lies ... and analytics

Are big data, sales analytics and AI really having that much of an effect on revenue performance and results?

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Moneyball and revenue management
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Revenue production in the age of hyper-competition 
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How to make certain your CRM project fails.
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Black-Light Revenue
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