Revenue Data & Analytics

Acquire more revenue, more profitably, more quickly by exploiting insights from your marketing and sales data about which levers to pull and when to pull them. 

Since 2005, more than 150 organisations including Google, IBM and EY (see our client page for more clients and their stories) have seen their average year-on-year revenue yield improve by 24% by applying Marginal Gain Theory to the nuggets of gold laying hidden in their marketing and sales data. 

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Everything is in motion.  Even if you are physically stationary reading these words, you are actually in motion – and moving at a staggering velocity. 

The ground you are currently standing, sitting or lying on is actually spinning with the rotation of the Earth at close to 460 metres per second or about 1,600 kilometres per hour – roughly the speed of a high-velocity 22 calibre rifle shot.  The Earth in turn, rotates around the sun at 107,000 kilometres per hour.  Our solar system revolves around the Milky Way at 785,000 kilometres per hour, which is itself travelling through the Universe at nearly 3.92 million kilometres per hour.

At much smaller scales, even every day inanimate objects around us – apparently still, are in fact in constant motion.  In fact, they are in a constant state of flux. 

If we examine these things at a molecular as opposed to the merely observable surface level, we would see constant drifting, shifting, jittering, expanding, contracting, accelerating and slowing.  Mostly occurring at incredible velocities, yet completely invisible to us.

When you stand back and think about these dynamics for a moment, not only are they almost impossible to comprehend, but they make the whole notion of “where” we or the things around us “are” at particular points in time rather irrelevant, because wherever we and they "are" we and they aren’t there for very long!

 We consider the concept of time to be self-evident.  An hour consists of sixty minutes, a day of 24 hours and a year of 365 days.  But we rarely even think about the fundamental nature of time.  For most of us, even trying to do so blows our heads up!

We measure the non-stop passage of time with clocks and calendars.  Yet we cannot study it with a microscope or experiment with it.   It just passes – all the time!  Because we can’t describe what exactly happens when time passes, we tend to describe it or define it in terms of the position, shape and movement of things.  And we define time in terms of changes in things.

In case you’re wondering what the hell a discussion of space-time and the basic principles of general relativity and quantum theory have to to do with revenue analytics and selling, this isn’t just some esoteric philosophical construct.  In the world of sales, the two big questions are always, “How much?”, and “By when?”. 

The first question is about a fixed quantity and the second about a defined point in time.  But we rarely if ever examine what has happened in the past to deliver us to our present position, trajectory or velocity.  And in the context of revenue creation, that is why most organisations have absolutely no idea where they’re going or how they’re going to get there.  Because they lack the necessary insights from the past – from “backwards time”, they cannot predict the future – “forwards time”, using anything more than hopeful guessing.

We conceived and created Telemetry, named after the science or process of collecting and analysing remote and often inaccessible data, to extract time-relevant insights for revenue improvement from the oceans of – mostly useless, marketing and sales data now being routinely gathered by organisations around the world.

Welcome to the fascinating study and application of Time Shift Deltas to revenue.  Or as one of our clients quipped the other day, Sales Lessons from Stephen Hawking!

Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Revenue Systems

Take Control of Your

Revenue Data

Get complete visibility into the true drivers of revenue performance.  Integrate all your pipeline data into a central repository to interpret time-shift-deltas and trigger deep insights to drive consistent


Define & Automate

 Revenue Processes

Reduce lag and risk of human error and increase operational effectiveness and consistency by installing systems to automate business processes.

Prescribe &


Predict with certainty the impact of specific decisions on operations, marketing and customer behaviour in order to make smarter decisions, faster.

Get Customer and


Excel at being customer and revenue-centric by leveraging marketing and sales data to form a holistic and context-aware understanding of each customer and why and how they buy.


Data Strategy

Data Readiness Diagnostic 

Before embarking on any kind of revenue intervention or transformation, you need to assess the maturing and readiness of your organisation’s marketing and sales data  and benchmark your business against your peers.  Every successful journey starts from a clear understanding of where the first step starts from.  And as Abraham Lincoln famously said, "If I have eight hours to chop down a tree, I'll use seven of them to sharpen my axe."

Revenue Data Blueprint 

We'll help you develop an executable Blueprint for what you need to do and how you're going to do it, to spell out the what, the how, the by when, the by whom and the with what.

Revenue Data Roadmap 

The final element of your Revenue Data Strategy is a prioritised data roadmap usually featuring discretely staged projects that deliver both concrete and immediate ROI as well as long-term strategic value, in such a way that each successive stage builds on the results from the previous.  This approach borrows heavily from the principles of Marginal Gain Theory applied to RPMG revenue process optimisation projects.


Data Management


More data generally means better predictors, so bigger really is better when it comes to how much data your business analysts and data scientists can get their hands on. With access to more data, it’s easier to quickly determine which data will best predict an outcome. RPMG can help by offering our unparalleled expertise in dealing with revenue data and proprietary data access capabilities that make it easy to work with a variety of marketing and sales data from ever-increasing sources, formats and structures.


RPMG can provide sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities inside of the ETL flow.  For example, frequency analysis helps identify outliers and missing values that can skew other measures like mean, average and median.  Summary statistics help marketing, sales and financial analysts understand the key revenue drivers and their indicators – because revenue data is rarely normally distributed, as many other statistical models and methods assume.  Correlation shows which variables or combination of variables will be most useful based on predictive capability strength – in light of how the various revenue drivers influence and affect one another, and to what degree.


As many as half of key revenue creating processes under-perform because of poor or wrongly interpreted data.  With the right data quality platform, you can incorporate data cleansing right into your data integration flow.  Pushing processing down to the database improves performance.  It also removes invalid and conflicting data based on the analytic model adopted, and enriches data via aggregation (that is, combining data from smaller intervals).


Preparing data for deeper revenue analytics requires merging, transforming, de-normalising and aggregating your source data from multiple tables into a single larger table, which we call a Revenue Base Table ("RBT").  We don't breath test you though!!  RPMG simplifies revenue data transposition within Telemetry with intuitive, graphical interfaces for transformations.  Plus it lets you use other reshaping transformations like frequency analysis, appending data, partitioning and combining data, and multiple summarisation techniques.

Data provides the critical sub-structure for consistent revenue enablement and performance improvement

Analytics is one of the hottest IT topics around these days – and every business wants more revenue or more assurance around their revenue.  Telemetry is, undeniably, very powerful technology. But as you dream about the magic of analytics and double-digit revenue growth, remember this:  Underlying revenue growth is process, underlying process is analytics - and underlying analytics is data.  Don’t underestimate how important it is to get the data piece right.


Data Governance

Data governance in the specific context of revenue is much more about process and people than technology.  Once your revenue data is in shape, you need to manage it to maintain a high level of quality and security – both today and for the long term.  Most large organisations already have some kind of data governance framework or structure in place, but for some reason treat marketing and sales data differently - if at all.  It's almost like the CRM is like a trip to Vegas - "what goes on in the CRM stays in the CRM."  The same almost invariably applies for Marketing Automation, where it exists.  Control is exercised at the application level, but deeper management and governance over the data going into the systems is often non-existent.  Revenue Data Governance is necessary for your marketing and sales data to have guidance and context.  It enables the same alignment between marketing and sales with IT, as is usually found in other parts of the organisation, as well as for the monitoring of quality and pinpointing of problems – all within a consistent framework.


It isn't good enough to be guessing what’s happening with your revenue data and who’s altering it.  You have to know.  Set guidelines around who sees what information.  Enforce who makes changes – and what changes they can make.  Telemetry generates snapshots of past pipelines and where leads and opportunities are, which can be written back into the underlying data sets.  Not only is this a benefit in terms of measuring Time Shift Deltas, but also a number of regulatory requirements, particularly in banking, insurance and financial services.  In the revenue context particularly, it's essential to be proactive, but without compromising security.

Metrics & Measurement

With built-in reporting, monitoring and validation, you’ll know if you’re succeeding, or whether you need to make changes.  You can use our RPMG dashboards to monitor trends or use your own.  Know when policies are being followed.  And trace them when they aren't.

Manage Centrally - from a single source of truth

Setting up and maintaining reference data is easy for Marketing, Sales, Finance and IT.  Your tech people incorporate our table(s) directly – and then that information can be updated by business users.  It's an efficient way to keep your revenue data updated and accurate, even if it’s underlying storage is in Hadoop or Impala.

Have comfort that your revenue-related decisions are based on data that is high-quality, correct, trusted, and consistent - always.


Revenue Data Platform

Operationalise your marketing and sales data by deploying the Telemetry Revenue Risk & Enablement Platform.

Connect revenue data sources with RT3 Telemetry ULTRA

Stand up Telemetry and operationalize its connectors into Marketing Automation, CRM, Financials and other source systems and analytics environments.

Define Use-Cases

Define and deploy custom use cases for your business environment and configure the governance rules to let business users take control of their revenue processes and decisions.

Deploy RT3 Telemetry ULTRA

Whether on-prem, in the cloud or a hybrid solution, RPMG offers on-going support and maintenance to optimise the business value of Telemetry.


Analytics & Data Science

Enact your revenue data infrastructure and deploy Telemetry's next generation data analytics

Next we use Telemetry to aggregate and customise analysis of the performance parameters of every marketing campaign and every sales pipeline in your organisation (or to the extent you want to go).  Telemetry ingests revenue data from all the disparate silos across your business - all the products, campaigns, channels, regions, resellers, sales rep's, comparing it with historical and 3rd party data while leveraging proprietary yet customisable tools to empower everyone to discover, visualise and report  And then decide based on unique insights.

Revenue Insights

Proprietary algorithms translate your disparate, disconnected marketing, sales, analytical systems to maintain a complete history of everything that's ever gone through any of your sales and marketing pipelines, delivering key insights and empowering everyone to build rock-solid strategies to act with confidence, from a place of knowledge - not gut instinct and guesswork.

Data Science

RPMG's analysts are driven to understand how you sell, how you can sell more and how to leverage your data to make that happen. Leverage data mining, sophisticated revenue modelling and machine learning to provide unparalleled insights, predict risks and successes, and prescribe best actions.


Data-Driven Content


White papers, case studies, infographics, video, slide decks, animations - from concept through production, editing and ultimately to deployment, RPMG and our partners can create entire data driven campaigns informed by and aligned with your revenue processes - and most importantly, with your customer's buying journeys.


Deploy your content via an optimised multi-channel deployment framework where your buyer's reactions to each piece are measured and analysed.  Every campaign element and content piece is continually optimised for impact on pipeline conversion and velocity.


Using Telemetry's advanced revenue analytics, we’ll continually optimise opportunities in and from your data to inform and / or support marketing and sales campaigns.  Coupled with RPMG's more than 300,000 hours of consulting experience and advice, Telemetry in effect represents a continuously self-learning execution program optimised for pipeline conversion and velocity.



We care about our clients, and we're committed to seeing them improve and be successful.  After all, they succeed - we succeed.  They don't - we don't. We’re therefore here to help you evolve into a data-driven, highly enabled revenue performance engine at all levels and to help with both technical and cultural adoption, across the board.

Training, coaching & mentoring

We provide a comprehensive suite of courses for enablement, deploying and customising Telemetry, including the same tools and best practices we deploy ourselves, so your team is equipped to manage, maintain and continue building your data platform and performance performance infrastructure.


We make sure that your team knows how to operate and maintain their Telemetry models and systems we build and customise, and we work with them to help bed-in the changes they feel to the way they operate and go about their jobs.  Even though we adopt a philosophy and practice of incremental change, the secret to adoption is making people comfortable and confident.  It's more than training - that's why we like the word empowerment.

Change management

A revenue improvement and growth strategy is only as good as your ability to align the rest of your organisation around it.  As the CEO of one of our clients said not that long ago, "The key to our success came when we realised that everyone in our company was either selling or supporting someone who was."   We know how to increase adoption of your revenue data at all levels across the organisation because we've seen what works and also what has not, and built those learnings into our advisory framework.


Managed Services

Deep, end-to-end support and maintenance of your entire revenue data infrastructure, processes and data. 

Whether from the Cloud or your own on-premise environment, RPMG provides access to best in class advise, consulting, toolsets, software and solution experts.  Ensuring your revenue-generating engine runs like a well-oiled machine.

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