Telemetry is the science and technology of automatic measurement and transmission of data from remote sources, as from racing and space vehicles, to receiving stations for recording and analysis.

Just like its Formula 1 and NASA namesakes, RPMG's Telemetry advanced revenue analytics solution gathers performance data from an organisation’s revenue generating “engine” and by applying proprietary analytical and predictive algorithms, enables rapid risk detection and analysis, insightful decision making, early fault analysis and remediation, and ultimately optimum system performance.


In Formula 1 racing cars, every aspect of their performance is measured in real time to optimise performance, reliability and of course, the result.  Over 150 sensors stream telemetry data whether the car is physically plugged in to its systems, or circling the track at 300 km/h.  

Up to 600 data channels are transmitted to engineers through RF every second.


Through the live telemetry data, engineers know the status of every control system second by second.  They look at every key parameter like gearbox shifting, down-force to the road, brake and tyre temperatures...even if the driver is operating the car at the optimum level.

In such a high stress, high performance environment, things come apart much faster than they can be fixed, so problems need to be identified early.  Optimum performance - right at the limit of the envelope, while simultaneously avoiding costly and dangerous component or system failure, is the objective.


When the car returns to the garage, it is plugged into a physical data line known as the "umbilical".  Massive amounts of performance data are literally "main-lined" to a server. Live monitoring is crucial for optimised performance in the race, but deeper levels of analysis is the key to continually improving performance and reliability over time.

As its name suggests, RT3 Telemetry ULTRA is a unique solution for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of every aspect of an organisation’s revenue performance processes.

Just like its Formula 1 equivalent, RT3 Telemetry ULTRA  employs proprietary algorithms to analyse live revenue performance data in unprecedented detail and reports to management via customisable dashboards to enable lightning fast, hyper-accurate decision making.



The solution is deployed in two modes.



The first is for baseline modelling where a set of starting assumptions on key pipeline metrics including progression, velocity and leakage, enables an organisation to build predictive revenue models, which by varying those assumptions, allows management to assess the relative merits and returns on investment of making tactical interventions across Marketing and Sales.

In live mode, RT3 Telemetry ULTRA  is capable of ingesting performance data from Marketing, Sales, Financial and other systems and employing proprietary algorithms to analyse current performance issues, identify and designate risks at the driver level, predict future revenue outcomes under current operating parameters and prescribe optimum interventions to improve performance.


1. Consulting services leverage

RPMG IP to optimise revenue

operating structure and


2. Operational marketing & sales systems enable execution of pipeline processes.

3. Telemetry extracts and translates relevant live performance data for analysis and reporting.

4. Telemetry surfaces predictive and prescriptive analytics via dashboards.

5. Performance insights enable continuous loop of risk assessment, intervention and predictive analysis



CRM and operational sales systems

Marketing management and automation systems

Finance, ERP and general ledgers

Dashboards and visualisation tools

RT3 Telemetry

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA resides in the revenue data "stack" between the data and the visualisation of that data.  An ETL process "harvests" pre-defined data subsets from the operational marketing, sales and financial data, and Telemetry then ingests those subsets and applies proprietary algorithms to them.  The resulting insights can then be "piped out" to users through any of the mainstream dashboard visualisation tools - even Excel. 



RT3 Telemetry ULTRA comes pre-integrated with IBM's Predictive Analytics and Workspace toolsets, which makes the entire solution IBM-Watson "ready".  But clients are free to interface with their own in-house dashboard solutions.

So what's so unique?

Out of the box, RT3 Telemetry ULTRA offers more than 200,000 hours of revenue risk assessment and performance consulting IP, gathered from 153 client engagements which have thus far yielded those clients average year-on-year revenue improvements of 24%.

Large organisations are investing tens of millions of dollars and taking years trying to build in-house what "vanilla" RT3 Telemetry ULTRA offers out-of-the-box within a few months.

Key features of the RT3 Telemetry ULTRA value proposition include:

1.  Full spectrum revenue risk diagnosis and performance analysis.

One of the most difficult aspects of assessing revenue risk and designing appropriate tactics to mitigate that risk - and improve performance, is getting a single view of the entire process.  Marketing exists in one part, sales another and everything related to "the past" in yet a third.  Three domains - each relevant, each dependent on the others, yet each functionally separate.  Tracing causality for an existing sales problem stops at the marketing-sales boundary.  Projecting the impact of a marketing campaign or program on sales or ultimately on revenue suffers the same fate only in reverse.   Tracking a sale back to its ultimate point of inception at the top of the pipeline is all but impossible. 

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA extracts disparate data sets from marketing, sales and other systems and translates that data into a single end-to-end view of any organisational revenue pipeline.  From first point of buyer contact to first purchase to repeat purchases to up-sell and cross-sell and into the financial systems for sales that have been closed.

2.  Translates and maps data to a globally proven consulting IP framework

Since it was formed in 2005, RevenueTEK has delivered more than 200,000 hours of consulting concentrated solely on diagnosing revenue risk and improving revenue performance.  Over 13 years and on four continents, 153 organisations have experienced average year-on-year revenue improvement after engaging RPMG of 24%.  You can view a dissection of those clients and their results on our "Clients" page, where you can also watch and / or read testimonials from many of those clients.

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA contains 150,000 hours of that collective consulting IP in a proprietary set of algorithms and analysis cubes.  We've invested four years and multiple millions of dollars to put our knowledge into a software platform so that our clients can access almost immediately for a monthly subscription, what took us 13 years of hard experience to accumulate, and that would otherwise take them many months and possibly years, costing hundreds of thousands - if not millions of dollars to acquire themselves.

3.  Unprecedented visibility into every risk and performance dimension of the revenue process.

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA translates marketing, sales and financial client data into a multi-stage schema which mirrors real-world customer buying journeys.  Buyer progression, leakage and velocity are measured between every stage in those journeys - along with the costs of doing so.  The collection, extraction, translation and analysis of these movements through the revenue process happens for every buyer, of every product or service, in every geography, for every channel, for every campaign or promotion, for every sales rep, agent, distributor or reseller for every time (past or present) - and for every possible combination and permutation of all those variables. 



In one manufacturing and importing client in the medical products space who sells + 10,000 SKU's (many with multiple pricing options), employs + 50 rep's and account managers, across five states, and goes to market through 150 independent resellers, the number of discrete pipeline processes (we use the term "Funnels") is 1.8 billion.   Telemetry can perform a time-series analysis between two consecutive months for every one of those discrete processes in a few seconds, and surface the resulting 6-8 primary insights (be they risks or opportunities) to the appropriate levels of management for deliberation and action.

4.  Predictive driver-based forecasting and modelling for revenue, margin and profit

According to our RevenueTEK risk-weighted revenue performance model, up to 36 separate but interdependent drivers work together to contribute to an organisation creating revenue.  Using Telemetry, we continually measure and assess the relative risks, correlations and contributions to the overall revenue equation.  Unlike supply chains which once established are relatively static, the demand chain i.e. revenue process, is extraordinarily fluid and constantly changing.  Some drivers - particularly in online environments, can change literally by the minute.  A spot price-based promotion on a particular product in a particular store or stores, can flow through an entire pipeline in a few minutes.  Sales rep performance can easily change daily.  The impact of a training program might impact actual revenue closed in a matter of weeks.  Whereas drivers such as the strength of value proposition, or the choice and definition of Ideal Customer Profile typically change over much longer periods and when changed, take longer for their effects to show up in sales results.

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA algorithms map the risk coefficients and performance correlations of each revenue driver against all the others, and then apply the results of those calculations to the time-shift-deltas from successive data extractions to project forward revenue outcomes based on the latest operational performance data.  Cost performance projections are then added to match risk weighted future revenue projections with the projected costs to acquire that revenue.

“…the potential value of RT3 Telemetry ULTRA for pipeline measurement and improvement is almost limitless.”

David Hatt

Product Manager 

Business Intelligence & Analytics


“The Business Intelligence market globally is already

flooded with sophisticated decision-support tools … but

RT3 Telemetry ULTRA is the first and still the only BI solution we have seen anywhere in the world with a value proposition that speaks directly to how to grow revenue consistently and sustainably.”

Brett Ison

General Manager 


IBM Asia Pacific 

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