Revenue Risk & Performance Diagnostics are the foundation for RCO, revenue improvement and growth.  They provide an understanding of what risks exist, which elements are working, which are not and most importantly - why or why not.  And they provide the baselines from which to measure the impacts of tactical changes to the risk profile, revenue processes and the marketing and / or sales mix.  Responsible doctors diagnose the patients condition properly before prescribing the appropriate treatment.  We do the same.

Risk and Performance Heatmaps
Capability & Skills
Behavioural & Psychometric Profiling
Data Analysis, Risk Assessment & 
Talent, Competency & Capability Mapping
Diagnostic Overview
Diagnostic Deliverables
& Process
Sample Diagnostic
Report of Findings

Armed with the priority "one percents" from the Diagnostics, the Blueprint phase is where we help build detailed plans for how to activate those one percent actions and improvements.  What core elements and tactical measures and actions need to be designed, built and deployed to bring those one percent increments to life, and in what order, in what timeframe, using what resources and most importantly - at what cost.

Blueprint Overview
Emma Robinson from Google talks about creating their Lead Nurture Blueprint
Hostworks Head of Analytics, talks about the value of Revenue School and their DG

RPMG's RCO and revenue yield management programs are based on detailed Blueprints describing in detail the who, what, when, where and how of implementing Marginal Gain Theory into specific client environments.  We build those Blueprints in Revenue School, which is a structured, collaborative and proven program of sequential modular workshops that combine to result in detailed, highly actionable Blueprints.

Revenue School is an intensive, highly compressed process for revenue yield improvement where our experienced consultants work with our clients' marketing and sales leadership teams to collaboratively apply our framework to their unique circumstances and business conditions.

Revenue School Overview
Google's thoughts on their Revenue School process
U&U's Scott Horton talking about
Revenue School
Ansvar Insurance's Director of
Sales, on Revenue School

To optimize your revenue performance yield, you almost invariably need to address a larger target audience, increase your visibility to that audience and channel the resulting traffic to either your website or landing pages.  To do that effectively and efficiently, it's critically important to optimize your brand.

It doesn't matter what people think of you - if they don't think of you at all.  If your buyers don't know about you or can't find you, they will simply find your competitors.

It isn't the only one but brand optimization is one of the keys to sourcing, engaging and converting more customers - and optimizing revenue and profit from them.


Content marketing is about getting the right information to the right audience at the right time.  Great content enhances brands, engages new buyers in valuable conversations and is a key platform in any optimised revenue process.   Truly effective content marketing promotes bi-directional engagement with prospective buyers and accelerates recruitment, progression and conversion.

Unfortunately much of what passes for "content marketing" today is actually little more than advertisers and marketers using new technologies and digital channels to do what they've always done - which is to unilaterally bombard their audiences with loud messages, shouted through YouTube or whatever social channel happens to be the flavour of the month.

Like every other component of RPMG's model, we help clients develop content in the form of high-value, thought leadership, specifically designed to positively affect buyer progression and / or velocity through the revenue process.  The right messages, through the right channels, at the right tone and volume, at the right time, in the right manner.  Not massive blasts of irrelevant noise that only serve to turn buyers off or encourage them to simply tune out.

Sample white papers developed

for our clients

GSA Insurance - Oct 2016

54% Open-To-Download

Magellan Logistics- Aug 2016

34% Open-To-Download

RWW Group - May 2017

58% Open-To-Download

Everlight Radiology - Feb 2018

28% Open-To-Download

Some sample case studies



Everlight Radiology

Royal Bank of Scotland

Some sample corporate videos

Some sample infographics


Search Engine Optimisation ("SEO") is a critical cog in any successful revenue process.  A well-optimised website provides a solid platform for all digital marketing campaigns and programs, and high rankings in search has powerful brand building effects.  Solid SEO provides potent competitive advantage.

RPMG offers a broad range of SEO services that can get your website running like a well-tuned organic search machine.

SEO advisory services include:

1.  SEO Strategy Development

2.  On-Page SEO Audits

3.  Keyword Research

4.  Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

5.  Website Re-design

6.  Link Building

7.  Mobile SEO and Mobile Acceleration

8.  Training and Internal Capability Development


After nearly 13 years deploying and optimising Marketing Automation ("MA") systems all over the world, our clients (on average) have seen 104% improvement in lead conversion rates, 43% higher average deal sizes, 35% shorter sales cycles, and a whopping 243% improvement in quota achievement by rep's.

So the jury is well and truly in. Marketing automation is a core competitive advantage for any forward thinking organization – providing it's deployed and used properly.  The technology itself - while very clever and relatively simple, is at the end of the day still just ones and zeros and it only does what you ask it to.  It can play an important role in elevating a whole host of revenue-related metrics, but only as part of an optimised process.  By itself it's just another piece of disappointing technology.

Marketing Automation is key for tracking and measuring interaction and engagement across all of your digital channels to enable your sales and marketing teams to convert more prospects into customers.

RPMG is one of the most experienced, independent MA advisors in the world.  We have used seven of the leading MA solutions ourselves and implemented hundreds of systems for our clients.  We were Eloqua's first major customer in Australia and one of their first anywhere in the world. 

Unlike implementation partners who are tied to specific vendors, RPMG is completely independent.  We have no commercial or strategic relationships with any vendor.  We act for our clients - not the vendors.  That's the first thing that makes us special.  The second is that we implement and deploy MA as part of an optimised revenue process, where the job of marketing in generating and nurturing leads, is to drive demand to sales.  It's about optimising marketing's role and place in the process, including integration with CRM and downstream processes.

We can help you with:

  • Lead Nurturing Consulting

  • Creating and Deploying Lead Nurture Programs

  • Lead Scoring, Prioritisation and Routing

  • Metrics and Reporting

  • Platform Re-deployment and Rescue

  • CRM and Financial Systems Integration

  • MA System Evaluation and Selection


Attracting visitors to your website is nice.  Attracting revenue - and more importantly profit, is much better.

Pretty websites don't necessarily get results.

Like every other element in your revenue creation process, your website has an important role to play.  The problem we see a lot, is people aren't always clear on what that role is - or should be.  Even experienced marketing exec's.

Ultimately, the purpose of your website is to help convert raw prospects (which visitors to your website generally are)  into what we like to call Marketing Qualified Leads ("MQL"), and then from MQL's into SQL's - Sales Qualified Leads.  And it should, over time, accelerate the velocity at which those conversions take place.  Discussion of how your site can / could / should go about doing that will take up more space and time than we've got here.  But suffice to say that gone are the days when "gut instinct" or "marketing intuition" were sufficient to guide website design, deployment or mode of operation.  It's all about process and there is a wealth (possibly too much!) of qualitative and quantitative data and insights available to enable the right strategic and tactical decisions.  The trick, as with everything, is knowing where to look and how to interpret what the data is telling you.

We can help you with:

1.  Landing Page Optimisation

2.  Email Optimisation

3.  UX Design

4.  User Testing


1.  Conversion Diagnostics

2.  UX Diagnostics

3.  Email and Content Diagnostics

4.  Landing Page Diagnostics


1.  A/B Testing

2.  Multivariate Analysis & Testing

3.  Correlation Assessments

4.  Simulation & Modelling