Four Key Questions To Building Your Customer Base

How would you fill this room and what would you say?

Have you ever dreamt of standing on stage and delivering a compelling life changing message to thousands of people? The lights would go down, you would enter onto the stage, the music would pump and the applause would be deafening.

  • And then you would speak...

  • What would you say?

  • Who would actually be in the room?

  • What would they be expecting from you?

  • Would you deliver?

Some of us would thrive in this environment. For many this would be a nightmare not a dream.

Lets focus the question. Imagine you actually had to talk about the company you work for and the products and solutions you sell every day.

How would you answer these questions now? For many organisations and individuals they can confidently answer one or two of these questions but not all four.

What are you going to you say?

A problem can be about needing to get more of a good thing or less of a bad thing. People buy because they are in pain and want relief. Do you clearly understand the problem that your solution solves? Can you articulate it in a way that is compelling?

Can you communicate the value that you offer that well and truly justifies the price that you charge? Can you engage with people and listen to them so that they feel like the only person in the world at that moment?

The lights go down and you step off the stage. Have you taught them something new? Challenged the status quo? Helped them see the inadequacies of their current world that can only be solved by your solution?

Who would you have in the room?

If you could click your fingers and have the ideal audience sitting in front of you for your product do you know exactly who you would want to be there? Can you identify their demographic, psychometric and behavioural characteristics? Do you know their pain points?

Are those people described above the ones you are spending your time with day in day out or have you strayed? Are there be enough people out there with the characteristics you have identified to actually fill the room you need to fill to achieve your targets?

Too many organisations fill the room with whoever is willing to show up. Resources are then wasted communicating a message to a crowd of ‘tire kickers’ who are being polite and ultimately wasting your time and theirs.

What are they expecting from you?

Read this question carefully. It is not about you, it is about your customer. It is about their expectations and not what you are ready to give them.

If you have done your job well with our first question your audience will be on the same page as you. If you have answered the second question well then the room will be full of those with matched expectations.

However, too often we do not communicate clearly with our customers, nor do we spend the time understanding them that we should and expectations can be misaligned.

There is no point putting massive effort into filling the room if the moment you open your mouth they are let down.

Would you deliver?

Can you back up your value proposition? Are your execution, product quality and interactions matching what you have said? Can you actually solve the problem you have identified that is causing your ideal customer pain?

There is no point in having a slick message with a great promise if it is not backed up by the delivery of your solution that matches. Countless brands have done themselves great damage by letting customers down at this point.

Also keep in mind those in the room that are not ready for you to deliver to them right now. Just because they started talking to you today does not always mean they are ready to buy right now.

What process do you have in place for these people that gently challenges them to keep thinking of you and reminds them of the consequence of not acting.

Which of these questions would your team be able to answer - really?

There is nothing new under the sun, but taking the time to get theses basics right is something that organisations of all sizes often fail to do.

What are you going to do differently in 2014 to make sure you fill the room with the right people, challenge and inspire those present and create raving fans?