We can sometimes get quite precious about our marketing plans. After all, we invest many hours in careful analysis and deliberation, consultative interaction, political manoeuvring, careful allocation of resources and financial budgets to develop, approve and implement our masterpieces of corporate marketing strategy.

However, we’ve all just been been a thrown a massive curve ball. Many are now facing Armageddon, with tremendously difficult trading conditions and the impacts of the Coronavirus economic responses starting to really bite. Governments are mandating and enforcing business closures and social distancing regimes. Few of us have seen more challenging business threat in our lifetimes. These are not the times to be precious about our “works of art”. Revisit them - and survive.

Marketing plans are not static organisms. A little like viruses, they need to adapt and mutate in order to survive. And so we need to adapt our marketing plans, to prepare our businesses for what is going to be a long haul through a new normal we cannot see with any confidence. We need to paint over the emerging cracks as the pandemic takes hold, and act sooner rather than later, to work smarter, and be ready to tackle the challenges ahead. It’s a case of doing unto others before it gets done unto you! Refocusing the plan

  1. Customer retention by working smarter;

  2. Increase visibility to your target market;

  3. Focus on improving conversions;

  4. Monitor KPIs constantly; and / or

  5. Learn as you go, respond

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