RevenueTEK Global Revenue Performance Index 2018

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Global CEOs and CFOs shared some troubling concerns about revenue growth in the current climate. They tell us that hitting their numbers is harder than ever before.

Is this your experience? This is the chance to have your say.

Let me set the scene.

Think back to the start of the year.....your revenue targets were in place, budgets were locked down, sales teams were fired up and marketing was rolling out the plans that were going to get you there...but did you know all the risks. Fast forward to today....what are your current revenue performance risks and what are you doing to mitigate them?

We aim to understand the underlying inhibitors to revenue generation and provoke some thinking, now, at the start of the year, not when it is too late. To achieve this we need a moment of your time to complete the most recent of 6 surveys conducted since 2008. Those of you that have participated in the past may recall that there were three revenue performance issues that dominated the thoughts of CEOs and CFOs in the last survey:

a) Why is it so hard to get a consistent supply of new business leads?

b) What do we have to do to get more consistent results from our sales team?

c) Where do I go to get clear actionable “top down” and “bottom up” visibility into past performance and where my revenue is or better yet could be heading?

Has this changed? What new revenue performance challenges and solutions, are vital to understand today? How are the people issues panning out? What are the changes in buyer behaviour most impacting revenue process? Is my marketing effort really making a difference? What can I do to take advantage of opportunities or fix problems – quickly – and without major transformational change?

Now is the time to share these risks and get feedback on how to mitigate them. We invite you to contribute through our confidential web based survey.

Click here to participate

The Index was first performed in 2005. Responses are anonymous, aggregated, no one other than our analysts sees the data or is identified in the report (for a copy of the 2017 Index Report please click here).

Participation in the survey not only expands your thinking but will entitle you to:

1. Early access to your Contributor pre-publication copy of the report and recommendations, made available at invitation only briefings in later in the year (around August - September),

2. Attend one of the contributor briefings, also having the opportunity to a complementary 12 months subscription to our Telemetry Revenue Analytics software – valued at $25,000.

We welcome you to visit the RPMG website, or feel free to contact me personally at Thank you for your consideration.