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About Us

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RevenueTEK is a specialist sales intelligence and analytics company.  We help organisations significantly and sustainably improve their revenues and profitability by simplifying the insane complexity of the marketing and sales technology, processes and data they are forced to work with every day.  Using a potent and unique combination of advanced AI-based analytics coupled with 15 years of accumulated consulting IP global and market research embodied in a methodology called Marginal Gain Theory, we provide organisations with the intelligence and insight to continually analyse and measure the performance of their pipeline systems, isolate and prioritise issues and opportunities, and respond optimally. 

Since 2005 some of the world's leading and most innovative companies (click here to see them) have delivered average year-on-year increases in their sales output of 24% - the equivalent of doubling revenue every three years.  In many cases their profits trebled or even quadrupled.

Our Telemetry RT3 analytics system employs the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms to measure, model and optimise their people, pricing, processes and pipeline performance.  Applying the mathematics behind Chaos Theory, Game Theory and multivariate time-series regression, RT3 looks deeply into pipeline data to identify and quantify risks, forecast future results and find specific opportunities for improving performance while simultaneously minimising risk, effort and cost.

Where We Are

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Meet Our Team

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Craig McKell

Chief Executive

& Managing Partner

brett pic.jpg

Brett Ison

Head of Data & Analytics

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Steve Fornasaro

Chief Financial Officer

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Claudio Bettini

Head of Global Sales &

Managing Partner - Sth America

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Leo Diz

Business Development - Europe

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Jewels Nistico

Chief Marketing Officer

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Les Hines

Managing Partner - EMEA

D Stokes pic.png

Dave Stokes

Head of Sales - Asia Pacific

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Simon Hall

Head of Global Marketing Services

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Alain Meloche

Senior Pricing Strategist

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 11.15.28 am.png

Simone van der Kallen

Chief People Officer

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