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What Makes Us So Different?

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High-end consulting legacy – 350K+ hours

Telemetry was conceived from the lessons learned from more than 350,000 hours of real-world, sales transformation projects across six continents with some of the world’s most iconic organisations.  Since 2005 the likes of Google, IBM and even consulting firms including EY, PwC and Deloitte trusted RevenueTEK with their marketing, sales and pipeline operations.  The accumulated experience and intellectual property is now baked in to the Telemetry platform.

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Demonstrable, proven results

Across the hundreds of our clients since 2005, the average year-on-year improvement in actual revenue output during the three years following deployment of Telemetry, has been 24%.  Comparable with a doubling of sales every three years.

Notice that’s a hard, measurable, highly visible metric.  Sales dollars either went up, or they didn’t.  It isn’t vague or opaque, like “reduced leakage” or “on target”, or “more visible”.  Sure - metrics are important, but they aren’t the same as results.  Too many people confuse the two, typically those that have trouble pointing to an actual result.

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Structural – Systemic - Sustainable

Unlike other “sales enablement” and “sales acceleration” tools, Telemetry was designed to analyse and improve pipeline performance at a structural level – within the DNA of the pipeline itself.  Much like an MRI examining a human body, the algorithms examine pipelines at the cellular level – inside the data.  It’s about much more than improving the probability of winning this or that deal or plugging a few leaks in the system.  It’s about continuous, optimal structural improvement.


"The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones."


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Granular dissection of drivers of revenue risk and performance

Revenue results from the intersection of an extraordinary complex and interconnected series of interactions between at least 36 primary drivers of pipeline risk and performance.  See the Risk Heatmap on slide 18 of this pack for an illustration of what that driver landscape typically looks like.  No other revenue analysis platform looks at sales and marketing at this level or with the degree of rigor approaching that of Telemetry.  This illustrates something of what we mean when we talk about Telemetry addressing pipeline structurally and systematically.   To see and hear more about this and why it’s so important, click on this link.

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Process = Conversion + Velocity + Recycling

Generating revenue is the most complex and difficult process in any business.  That process – whether it’s selling bubble gum or stealth fighters, consists of three core variables; conversion, velocity and the recycling of leaking (or attrition).  Telemetry’s algorithms mine customer-related data from CRM’s and other operational systems and boil it down to those three variables to ask – and then answer, three critical questions.  How many are we converting?  How fast are we converting them?  How many and how quickly are we recycling our leakage? 

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End-to-end, buyer-centric perspective

Being technology and platform agnostic, Telemetry ingests data across the entire length and breadth of the pipeline, from social media, through marketing, sales and finance.  Data is then translated into a schema based on the buyer’s journey, as opposed to the seller’s journey.  In other words, Telemetry examines and reports on what buyer’s (new and existing) are actually doing, rather than what marketing and sales would like them to be doing.


is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Built on one of the world’s most powerful BPM + OLAP engines

The same in-memory, AI and data analytics technology that powers IBM Watson, also powers Telemetry, making for immense under-the-hood computational horsepower and the ability to connect easily and seamlessly to any data source or destination.

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Time Shift Deltas

No scientific or mathematically reliable insight into a problem’s root cause is ever possible without observations made over time.  The same goes for pipelines as for viruses or the movement of bodies through space and time.  To understand what is happening, and then how to go about either stopping or improving it (whichever is required), one must first have points of reference – ideally more than one.  Telemetry takes and retains full end-to-end pipeline snapshots over time, like a CCTV camera shooting down a hallway.  It then uses those accumulated Time Shift Deltas to interpret what has happened, why and to suggest actions in response.  This capability is completely unique as far as we, IBM and Salesforce are aware.

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Agnostic bi-directionally

Owing to its IBM legacy, Telemetry can work with any data source or destination.  It can ingest data from any social media platform, any marketing automation system, any CRM or any finance application, and then share its analysis with any dashboard, visualization tool or BI solution – even Excel.

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