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Consulting Legacy

RevenueTEK was born inside one of the Big 4 global consulting firms as a service offering for clients looking to grow their sales.  The knowledge, insight and intellectual property collected from hundreds of thousands of hours of sales transformation and revenue improvement projects around the world including with the likes of Google, IBM, EY and JP Morgan Chase to name but a few, has now been infused into the Telemetry solution.

Across six continents (we haven't got to Antarctica - yet) and after 17 years, the unique and powerful combination of Telemetry's analytics fused with our implementation methodology based on Marginal Gains has so far delivered average annual revenue improvements to our clients of 24% - the same as doubling sales every three years.  

Along with the latest technological advancements in AI, machine learning and big data analytics, Telemetry's embedded consulting IP helps make it the most potent generator of insight into sales operations and sales pipelines available anywhere in the world today.

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