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Video Testimonials

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Invacare's GM & Vice President for Asia Pacifc, Geoff Purtill, shares the chronic problems he had with sales, and why and how he sought out RevenueTEK.

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Geoff shares his and his team's experience of working with RevenueTEK through a Telemetry Diagnostic and then applying the insights and actions across three businesses and two countries

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Listen to Invacare's experience during and after implementing RevenueTEK's Telemetry and Marginal Gain Model.

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What could Google possibly learn about driving revenue productivity and growth?  Emma Robinson, CMO explains.

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“If someone could provide us with a detailed plan, a numbers orientated plan’ that would take our business from $35m now to $65m in three years time would we pay for it….?   And the answer was yes.”

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 “The analysis of feedback from our staff and also from our clients – yeah look there was some great good news in there and it floated the ego and made you feel good, but actually it was the not so good bits we wanted.  We still know we have a good business but at that point we didn’t realise there were so many gaps in what we were doing.”

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“What you have given us is the foundation from which we can grow our business…  I can actually go and implement a lead generation strategy knowing exactly how many leads I need to generate, who I am targeting and the messages I need to take to them."

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“SEMA engaged RevenueTEK to help  turn our marketing and sales around.  We were in the middle of a financial turnaround, rebuilding our sales and ensuring our marketing was effective were vital to the success of the project."


In the first six months our sales pipeline conversion doubled.  Included in the wins are several major corporates that, if you are to win their work, require intelligent, consistent and focussed sales activities.  The prospects for our business in the next year and beyond are now significantly greater because of the work RevenueTEK have done with us.  We are committed to their analytics and processes because they work.  I highly recommend them.”

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Succession Plus is Australia's leading provider of Employee Share Ownership Plans and succession planning advise for family businesses.  Here Craig West, CEO, shares his feedback on S+'s RevenueTEK and Telemetry experience.

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Literacy Planet (formerly Intrepica) COO Iggy Jovanovic shares some background on the struggling startup he was asked to turn around.

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Why did Iggy think RevenueTEK and our Marginal Gain Theory approach was such a good fit for an early-stage business like Literacy Planet?

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Where was Literacy Planet at in terms of its evolution as a business, and what challenges did this present?

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What problems and issues did Iggy find when he took over the business?

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What happened as a result of working with RevenueTEK?  What were the results?

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In light of Literacy Planet's unique model and the fact that it employed teachers as BDM's, how did the RevenueTEK process affect a group of non-professional, largely un-trained sellers?

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