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Infuse automation and analytical power into your revenue engine

Telemetry RT3 is an integrated revenue analytics solution that uses AI and machine learning to continually monitor pipeline performance and to identify and quantify future revenue risks.

Built on the world's most powerful calculation engine, this enterprise revenue risk analytics and performance optimisation tool allows you to transcend the limits analytical limits of CRM, Marketing Automation and other sales and marketing technologies.

Telemetry RT3 literally allows you to see into the future, so you can make better decisions today.

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Key benefits  

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More revenue and profitability 

Hundreds of case studies where sales and profits have doubled and trebled within 2-3 years.  $16.8B in additional revenue created.

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Unique functionality based on generating and protecting revenue 

Built specifically to map, track and objectively analyse the buyers' buying processes, thereby immune to the cognitive biases built into reliance on internal sales and marketing processes.

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AI & machine learning infused analysis 

Automated model creation, natural language processing, and cognitive help make it even quicker and easier to create accurate plans and analyse results in real time.

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Works with any CRM, Marketing Automation or other data source.

Completely agnostic to all sources of marketing, sales and any other customer-related data.

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Scalable for rapid business growth or recovery 

Acquire insights quickly, adjust plans and inform marketing and sales decisions in real time, even in the face of growing data complexity – without changing existing revenue processes.

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Flexible deployment

Choose between on-premises or on cloud (or both) and access the same data and from anywhere at any time.

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Drive ROI from your investment in CRM - at last

Clients who have deployed Telemetry to complement their CRM's have improved their revenue output, sales productivity and pipeline velocity, and reduced their costs of acquisition and retention.

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Protects your investment in Excel

Supports the option of iterative sharing of unique insights produced within Telemetry with Excel (or other tools) for further analysis.

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Collaboration across sales and marketing organisations

Break down silos, unify data, and synchronise planning, analysis and decision making across the organisation to reveal the full picture of your revenue data and drive integrated responses.

"In more than 30 years of running companies and sales organisations, I've never seen anything as simple or insightful as Telemetry.  I can't think of a business that wouldn't benefit from this."  

Tim McDermott

Managing Director

“By using RevenueTEK's Telemetry analytics and Marginal Gain model, we doubled our pipeline conversion in eight months, and retained five out of six clients who went to tender and we would probably have lost.  Without a doubt helped save and turn around this company.”

John Stewart

Chief Executive

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 “We were talking about doubling our business – that’s the sort of opportunity that was there – if not trebling the business.  I was never concerned about the process working. I was concerned about when it would work and when it would deliver the ultimate financial promise that was articulated."

 “The answer turned out to be within the first year."

James Kemp

Managing Director

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Feature Highlights

1. Full-spectrum, 360 degree revenue risk and performance capability analysis

Delivers automated 360 degree analysis of revenue capability across 36 integrated revenue risk drivers and performance levers including Sales, Marketing, Technology and People.  Customised Risk & Performance Heatmaps highlight current pipeline blockages, risks to future revenues and opportunities for improvement.

Detailed drill-down enables Heat Map analysis and visualisation for products, services, channels, territories, distributors and partners, business units, teams, BDM's / rep's and / or marketing campaigns - as well as every possible combination thereof.  

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 9.10.58 AM cop

2. Algorithmic Predictive Hazard Detection ("PHD") detects future revenue and margin risks long before they otherwise become visible

Telemetry continually updates system performance metrics and predictive algorithms employing artificial intelligence use the latest trend data to automatically recalibrate forward revenue projections.  Each successive data feed from CRM and other systems updates the forward projections months and years into the future.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.01.19 PM.png

Forward Revenue Risk Radars (see adjacent chart) visually present and quantify risks well into the future, leaving management time to consider and stage tactical interventions and affect future results.

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Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 3.51.54 PM.png
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3. Microsoft Excel Interface

There's no need to abandon spreadsheets – evolve them. Keep the traditional MS Excel interface you know, love and your people are comfortable with.  Add advanced revenue analysis and predictive capabilities such as multiple vector regression and planning, and pass data and results backwards and forwards between Telemetry and Excel.  Reduce the learning curve, increase the value.

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4. What-If Scenario Modelling & Testing

See the impact of your decisions before making them by exploring unlimited what-if scenarios. In a flexible, private sandbox environment, you can test as many options as needed to help make the most strategic decisions for your business.

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