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Telemetry Principles & Philosophy

RevenueTEK was until 2019 a consulting business that grew out of trying to solve one of the biggest problems sales leaders face.

Creating revenue - sustainably, is a problem that continues to plague many companies around the world.  If not most companies.  The reason why it persists as such a major problem after decades of massive investment in technology, people and reorganisation after reorganisation, is that revenue is actually a wicked problem.  In this context, wicked doesn't refer to evil.  Rather wicked problems are problems that are extraordinarily difficult or even impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and / or changing requirements that are often difficult or impossible to recognise.  Wicked problems often can't be fixed, because there is no single solution.  Moreover, because of frequently complex interdependencies, efforts to solve one aspect of a wicked problem reveal or create other problems either up or downstream.  They are defined by their complexity and often characterised by organised irresponsibility.  The modern act of selling - especially B2B, in our view satisfies all these conditions.

Organisations - even the largest and most sophisticated, simply cannot understand much less control the sales systems, processes and people that impact along the entire length of the sales pipeline.  As a result, sales leaders preside over sub-optimal sales outcomes because they are unable - often through no fault of their own, to make the right decisions to manage the complexity they face.

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Multiple loosely connected operating systems each with different owners, criss-cross across the sales pipeline.  Because they are inter-dependent but rarely integrated, cause and effect is incredibly difficult to determine between and across systems.

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Sales Leaders don’t have the data analytics background, nor frankly the inclination or the time to unpick this mess. They are invariably just good sales people who rose through the ranks on the back of selling success.

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We now live in an age where the proliferation of data is an avalanche, coming so quickly and in so many forms, nobody really knows how to consume it or use it to make good decisions.

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Cause and effect are breaking down.  Buyers now control the process and get up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources, whereas sales leaders and their people can't make sense out of all the complexity.

"Sales conversion is dying, sales leaders are drowning in complexity and not enough is being done about it.  More money than ever is being spent on CRM's and all manner of sales and marketing technology, consulting, recruiting, reorganising - the list goes on, but the situation isn't improving."

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Craig McKell

CEO - RevenueTEK

Telemetry was designed as a direct response to this wicked problem.

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