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Written Testimonials

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“Completely changed our outlook on the way we engaged with our market and customers.  The ability of Craig and Jeremy to engage our team and get them switched onto “the buyers’ journey” was fantastic.  I would thoroughly recommend RevenueTEK to any CEO or business leader – whether they think they have a problem with revenue or not.”

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 ”RevenueTEK and Telemetry transformed the way our businesses go to market.  In the first six months, we closed our entire next two years sales budget.  We actually had to stop selling.  Years later, we are still enjoying the benefits.”

Frank O'Donoghue

Director of Sales

Stuart McLean

Chief Executive Officer

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“My objective when we began this project was to build a sales organisation worthy of the name NTT.  With the help of Craig and Matt from RevenueTEK, I believe we are now moving towards achieving that.  They were fantastic and particularly in relation to their intervention around our recruitment of a new Director of Sales, really helped us dodge a bullet.”

Masau Fujita

Chief Executive Officer

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“A tremendous system.  Everyone we have dealt with from RevenueTEK has been world-class.  My only regret is that we didn’t do it years before.”

Geoff Purtill

Vice President & GM

Asia Pacific

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“We weren’t going to double our business through key accounts in three years without adopting new thinking.  We’d already tried sales trainers and the company’s systems were already among the most advanced in the world – so training and technology weren’t going to get us there.  By adopting RevenueTEK's Marginal Gain analytics model, we initiated a step-change improvement in the way we engaged with our market place.  After more than 20 years I thought I’d seen just about everything, but I’d never seen anything like this.  Some of the best and most practical thinking around the subject of revenue enhancement I’ve ever seen.”

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“Doubled our pipeline productivity and conversion effectiveness in eight months, and helped us retain five out of six clients who went to tender.  Without a doubt helped save this company.”

John Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Shaun O'Brien

Director of Sales

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“When I first saw the guys from RevenueTEK I was a little anxious because I thought they were going to make me look bad in front of my CEO.  What actually happened was they made me look like a champion, because of the impact I was able to have our sales and our whole business.  Every Sales Director should be doing this.”

Jeny Drinkwater

GM Business Development

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“In my career I’ve worked in and with some of the biggest advisory and consulting organisations in the world.  Since working with the RevenueTEK team my whole philosophy on how to market and sell has been transformed.  In more than twenty years I haven’t learned as much about revenue improvement as during the six months I worked with them.  I now recommend them to our clients.”

Scott Thompson

Director of Markets

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“In my 40 years in business I’ve been to workshops and retreats from the likes of McKinsey, Boston Consulting, Bain, PWC and Deloitte.  If this wasn’t the best it was certainly up there with the very best.  No – I think it was probably the best!”

Geoff Wild


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“Our company wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Craig McKell and RevenueTEK.”

Dennis Crestani

Chief Executive Officer

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“RevenueTEK is Moneyball - for marketing and sales.”

Geoff Hoffmann

Director of Sales

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“We're about to do our second successive year of 17% revenue growth - and our profitability has grown by much more than that.  Which is even more gratifying when you consider that our industry has been flat-lining for the last five years, and is predicted by EY to remain difficult for the foreseeable future.  RevenueTEK turned our business around."

Paul Hines

Chief Executive Officer

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“RevenueTEK have been able to produce some remarkable revenue growth results for our brokers in a very short time.  I have to say I was skeptical that their Marginal Gain approach could or would work when applied to such a commoditised industry as general insurance.  Having witnessed it now myself, I am not only a convert but an advocate - as are my colleagues.


Every broker and intermediary should look at RevenueTEK's model for their own businesses."

Kieran Simpson

Head of Distribution

Asia Pacific

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“In thirty years of business - all of them selling either as part of someone else's business or running my own, I have never seen an approach to growing top line that comes close to RevenueTEK.  It's unique, simple - and it works.


I would be more than pleased to share my thoughts about RevenueTEK and their Marginal Gain model with anyone.  Not only have I used it, but I have recommended it now to more than ten of my own clients.

Ian Briggs

Director of Sales

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“RevenueTEK helped turn Omnilink around, to the point where we have just been able to sell the company for a much higher multiple than we otherwise would have.  In fact only a few years ago we couldn't have sold it.

I have lost count of the number of times we discussed things we had learned from Craig and his team at our Board meetings over the years."

David Bruce

Managing Director

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"The first thing I would do as a startup CEO would be bring RevenueTEK in to help get the company selling.  Startups wouldn't need to give away so much of their companies for so little money to angels or VC's if they could simply sell a little better.  What I learned from RevenueTEK was how easy that actually can be, once someone shows you how."  

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"I wish I'd known about RevenueTEK when I was running radio stations.  In more than 30 years of running companies and sales organisations, I've never seen anything as simple or effective as Telemetry.  I can't think of a business that wouldn't benefit from this."

Tim McDermott

Director of Sales

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"The potential value of Telemetry and Marginal Gain Theory for pipeline measurement and improvement is almost limitless.”

David Hatt

Product Manager

Analytics & Performance Management

Asia Pacific

Iggy Jovanovic

Chief Operating Officer

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“The Business Intelligence market globally is already flooded with sophisticated decision-support tools … but Telemetry is the first and still the only BI solution we have seen anywhere in the world with a value proposition that speaks directly to how to grow revenue consistently and sustainably.”

Brett Ison

Sales Leader 

Performance Management

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“Within 30 minutes of one meeting with Craig and Tom, I doubled the sales value and tripled the margin on one deal.  I can't wait to apply that single one-percent insight across the rest of my pipeline.  Even to someone who lives and breathes technology and data, I had no idea of the value that was hiding in my own data.”

Damian Evans

Chief Executive Officer

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“An absolutely wonderful, tremendously envigorating and insightful process.  It has created huge opportunities for the organisation going forward.  For the first time since I’ve been an Ansvar, we have a process in place where the sales team at the front have confidence in the people behind and supporting them.  Before RevenueTEK we had silos that didn’t trust and worked against each other.  Those days are gone.”

Ian Ireland

Director of Sales

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“Our challenge was generating demand and leads for a radically different delivery model for radiology services in an extremely conservative, risk averse audiences.


Within a few months, we had detailed risk assessments and models for our pipeline segments and a detailed blueprint for the top of our marketing pipelines.  After 3-4 months, the first leads were dropping into our BD teams, and our revenue and margin were already accelerating.  I would recommend RevenueTEK to anyone trying to grow their top line, especially if they’re in difficult markets, as we were.”

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”I thought so much of RevenueTEK and their system I bought them twice.  Firstly to help us build a revenue engine to sustainably power the early growth of our company.  That engine was directly instrumental in us being acquired five years later by Champ Private Equity.  When we needed to accelerate our growth again after that transaction, I brought RevenueTEK in again.  I can’t recommend them or their system highly enough.”

Jeremy Joyce

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Hartmann

Group COO

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“..we’re talking about doubling our business – that’s the sort of opportunity that was there – if not triple the business… So I was never concerned about the process working I was concerned about when it would work and would deliver the ultimate financial promise that was kind of articulated... the end I needn't have worried because it delivered in the first year.”

"If I had my time again, knowing what I know now, almost the first thing I would do is get RevenueTEK in to do that diagnostic, because it really helped me and my management team understand the state of our business and the state of the market.”

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Geoff Purtill

VP & GM Asia Pacific

“Confronting the problems you solve for customers is frustrating but its critical, because once you understand what you’re trying to solve – then you can start to say so what do we have to do to solve the problem….  I bet you everyone who goes through this process will learn something.”

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