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Virtual Guided Tour

The eight videos below provide a staged virtual tour through the Telemetry RT3 revenue intelligence and CRM analysis functions; the rationale for why it was built, the sales performance problems it addresses, the organisations who have employed it and the results they achieved, and how it works. 

The videos in the tour are sequenced to flow logically from one to the next to present a story, and you'll notice as you watch that they refer to each other in parts.  But of course feel free to jump around depending on your interests and how much time you have.  

Part 1.

In 1977 MRIs changed the world of medical science practically overnight.  Telemetry RT3 is doing the same for sales analytics and pipeline performance.

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Part 2.

Data. Diagnosis. Decisions.

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Telemetry RT3 is now one of the world's most unique and powerful sales intelligence and analytics platforms.
It works just like an MRI scanning human being, but instead we're scanning CRM's and corporate sales pipelines.
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Hundreds of organisations around the world have already deployed Telemetry and achieved spectacular results.
They increased their revenues year-on-year by 24% on average, many doubling and some even trebling their profitability in the process. 
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The Global Sales Challenge
Why is it such a big deal?  The paradigm shift for sales and revenue creation since the COVID pandemic.
The rules of marketing and sales have changed dramatically - and forever.  COVID-19 made those changes permanent and unavoidable.
How TelemetryWork

Part 3.

How Telemetry RT3 Works

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Simplifying and making sense of the insane complexity of marketing and sales technology and data in the post-COVID world.
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Granular multi-dimensional pipeline analytics and insights across countries, regions, territories, customers / clients, products / services, BDMs, channels and marketing campaigns.  
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Telemetry's power comes from its unique ability to combine real-time performance data on pipeline conversion, velocity and the recycling of leakage, with time.
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Imagine the different decisions you could make - or would make, if you could look into the future and see how your choices were going to turn out - before you had to make them!
Telemetry RT3 gives sales and marketing leaders the insights to see the future with more clarity - so they can act today with more precision.
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