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Nearly 21% of distributors around the world now report that e-commerce sales account for 20% to 30% of total revenues, a trend that’s likely to continue and accelerate through 2023 and beyond.

Early movers reshaped their conventional ways of operating and accelerated investments in data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify new opportunities, increase sales and grow their business.

The emergence of direct-to-customer ("D2C") commerce has put wholesale distributors in direct competition with many of their own suppliers. D2C has grown by more than 45% year-on-year since the beginning of the pandemic  according to eMarketer, which expects that trend to continue through 2023 and beyond.

All this accelerating competition means distributors will need to double down investments in analytics and digital transformation if they are to remain viable.

Telemetry presents a solution to these challenges.

Wholesale distributors of the future should transform their thinking from simply meeting customer needs to anticipating and shaping them, and proactively delivering solutions to problems that customers may not even know they have.

They also need to understand that effectively engaging customers demands true innovation in executing the value chain. Traditional approaches to inventory, logistics, pricing, rebates, and network can be reimagined through the application of advanced analytics and technology innovations.

Given the importance of data, analytics, and technology to both engaging customers and executing the value chain, wholesale distribution organizations should also leverage data and technology to truly energise not just enable the business.

Automated cross-system integration

Some of the best connectors in the world allow Telemetry to automatically stitch together an entire revenue ecosystem from one end to the other, across marketing, sales, finance and HR.

Data flow through the pipeline and dependencies between systems and processes can be immediately identified and visualised.  Unique identifiers applied to Critical Pipeline Elements ("CPE") make them trackable through time and searchable across systems.  Wherever and whenever CPE's move in the pipeline, Telemetry knows.

Visualise and understand.  Fast!

Telemetry provides the world’s best pipeline data lineage, cause and effect, and impact analysis at scale. Trace the entire revenue lifecycle from source through to output and build understanding of dependencies between the drivers of revenue risk.

Some of the world's most prominent and successful companies have used Telemetry's Automated Pipeline Data Lineage to visualise their entire pipeline flow.

Collaborate around pipeline.  Drive sales and value.

Telemetry enables users with revenue responsibility to access and understand what is really going on inside their pipelines.  Configurable roles align with responsibilities and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes across the sales ecosystem.

The platform brings information and insight to the people that need it, anywhere and anytime, enabling them to collaborate on and track pipeline activity in real time. Powerful exploration, analytics, impact and lineage analysis maximise pipeline data value across the business.

De-risk sales pipeline.  Secure forecasts.

Telemetry provides insights into assurance and risk around forecasts via reporting and analytics, including performance and risk dashboards and forecast probability metrics. The system gathers continuous performance data across a range of core pipeline, people and pricing metrics across products, services, business units, territories, teams and individuals. 

Performance measurements and risk assessments are standardised and can be automated through event triggers based on tolerance thresholds for different metrics.  Notifications and subscriptions alert management when the systems detects performance thresholds have been or are in danger of being breached.

Hear what leaders in the distribution industry think about RevenueTEK and Telemetry RT3.

RevenueTEK has again been shortlisted as one of the world's leading sales analytics companies by CIO Applications.

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