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Welcome to a New World of CRM and Sales Pipeline Analytics 

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Telemetry RT3 is a unique sales analytics and intelligence solution for measuring sales pipeline performance, identifying issues, diagnosing cause and effect, and prescribing optimal remedial action.

Like an MRI scanning a human body, Telemetry uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to continuously scan CRM, Marketing Automation and other systems, drilling into the underlying data for tactical insights while simultaneously isolating and highlighting performance issues - often long before they become visible using existing analytical tools and methods.

Telemetry is completely agnostic to both data source and destination.  Capable of working with any CRM or other data source and also of presenting insights through any visualisation toolset - including Excel, it operates as a revenue data hub, flexibly plugging into CRMs and marketing systems just like Lego bricks, while simultaneously allowing dashboards to plug in and visualise its unique and powerful array of strategic and tactical insights.

The user interface hides an extraordinary degree of sophistication, based on the mathematics of Chaos Theory, Game Theory and other complex behavioural systems that underpin deterministic chaos.  RevenueTEK's VP of Global Sales, Claudio Bettini, boils that complexity down to its simple essence in this video.

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"Any fool can make something complicated.  It takes a genius to make it simple."

Albert Einstein

Telemetry Functional Modules

1.  Pipeline Risk & Performance Diagnostic

2.  Tactical Blueprint

3.  Forward Revenue Risk Radar

4.  Individual Sales Capability Assessment ("SCA")

5.  Individual Sales Behaviour & Psychometric Assessment ("SBPA")

6.  Pricing Optimisation Analysis

7.  Strategic Pricing Review

8.  Marketing & Lead Generation

9.  Procurement Alignment

10.  CRM Optimisation

11.  Sales Operations

12.  Client Connect

Pipeline Risk
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Pipeline Risk & Performance Diagnostics

Revenue Risk & Performance Diagnostics are the foundation for revenue improvement and growth.  They provide an understanding of what is working, what is not and most importantly - why not.  And they provide the baselines from which to measure the impacts of tactical changes to revenue processes or to the marketing and / or sales mix.  Good doctors diagnose before prescribing the most appropriate treatment.  Telemetry allows you to do the same.

TI Blueprint
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Tactical Implementation Blueprint

Armed with the priority "one percents" from the Diagnostics, the TI Blueprint phase is where we Telemetry produces the detailed plans for how to activate those one percent actions and improvements.  What core elements and tactical measures and actions can be designed, built and deployed to bring those one percent increments to life, and in what order, in what timeframe, using what resources and most importantly - at what cost.

Forward Risk Radar
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Forward Revenue Risk Radar

Telemetry continuously harvests CRM's and other marketing, financial and operational systems for up to the minute data pertaining to the movement of leads and opportunities through the pipeline.  It then applies the mathematics of Chaos Theory - the famed Butterfly Effect, and Game Theory to produce hyper-accurate forecasts based on the latest performance data flowing through the CRM's and other systems.  Included in those forecasts is a radar map identifying future risks and threats to the revenue forecast months and even years into the future, well before they would become visible using existing analytical approaches or tools.

Sales Capability Assessment
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Sales Capability Assessment

The SCA was created to allow CSO's and Sales Managers to benchmark their sales teams and to identify specific gaps in knowledge and experience where individual rep's, BDM's and channel partners need help, or where potential recruits might be lacking.  The assessments are being offered globally by the Chartered Institute of Sales Professionals as a core element of their member onboarding, as a signpost to specific areas where future training, coaching and other professional development is required.

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Sales Behaviour & Personality Assessment

Sales Behaviour

A close relative to and often bundled with the SCA, the SBPA is a hyper-accurate behavioural, psychological and psychometric analysis of an individual sales manager, rep or BDM to identify how their personality, style and neurological make up suits the sales position they are either in or being considered for.

Personality and behavioural profiles are not new, but the SBPA is unique because it combines seven discrete neurological and psychological indicators and applies them specifically to predicting the likelihood of successful future sales performance.

Pricing Optimisation
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Pricing Optimisation Engine

Telemetry’s Pricing Optimisation Engine analyses available customer and market data to find the most optimal prices for products and services.  The goal being to determine the best possible prices to help attract and retain customers and maximise sales and profitability.

Strategic Pricing
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Strategic Pricing Diagnostics

The approach and philosophy is related to and in fact was borne out of the dynamic pricing strategies so often found in hospitality, travel and ecommerce, although dynamic prices typically change far more rapidly and often than in B2B.

Data used includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Customer survey data

  • Demographics and psychographics

  • Historic sales data

  • Latest pipeline conversion, velocity and recycling metrics

  • Operating costs

  • Inventories

  • Machine learning outputs

  • Customer lifetime value and churn data (especially useful for subscription and SAAS models)

Telemetry's Strategic Pricing Analytics functionality enables users to go beyond the analysis provided by the Pricing Optimisation Engine, and dig deeper into strategic as well as tactical pricing.

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Procurement Alignment Assessment

Sales and procurement are, by nature, fierce opponents. They are used to being on opposing sides of the table and their goals differ by 180° the moment they enter the negotiation room.

And yet in reality, they are really opposite sides of the same mirror.  Sales and procurement professionals each achieve better outcomes when they collaborate and work together.

Telemetry's Procurement Optimisation Assessment analyses how good your sales teams are at understanding, collaborating and most importantly negotiating with procurement departments, and identifies what they need to improve.

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Marketing & Lead Acquisition Analytics

Telemetry's Marketing Analytics function enables an organisation to take a 360 degree view of its marketing and lead acquisition - from the sales side of the fence.  After all, it is sales that ultimately lives or dies on how effective their marketing colleagues are in identifying, nurturing and handing over quality leads.  

Marketing & Lead Acq
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CRM Optimisation & Analysis

CRM Optimisation

Since 2006 an estimated $US1.4 trillion was invested around the world by organisations trying to improve sales output.  Something like $US350 billion of that was spent acquiring, replacing or tuning CRM systems.

Buying a CRM today is one of the most expensive - and risky, investments an organisation will make.  In 2022 nearly 80% of CRM implementation projects end in failure and fewer than 30% of CEO's are happy with their ROI on CRM.  In many organisations, CRM's are a bottomless pit for pouring money into.

We've been using Telemetry's analytics to pinpoint CRM problems and help clients get more insight - and revenue, from their CRM systems.  Without needing to spend a fortune on development, customisation or integration.

Sales Ops Optimisation
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Sales Operations Optimisation

It may not be considered the most glamorous aspect of sales management, but as business and technology have evolved, it’s widely acknowledged that getting sales operations right is imperative for a smoothly run, effective sales organisation. On his blog, Andy Hough from the Institute of Sales Professionals described it as “... the most important and unsung hero for sales teams.”

Operations is the hub of sales organization efficiency. It’s responsible for how activities and outcomes are tracked, and how information is communicated to management for decision making—all with the goal of maximizing productivity.

Let us show you how Telemetry RT3 can meet and exceed your specific needs.

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