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Marginal Gains
Marginal gains are force
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Tiny improvements in your revenue processes can yield huge results - provided you know where and how to make them.

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Magnetic Revenue Imaging with Telemetry RT3

Just like an MRI for a human body, look into the cellular biology of your revenue pipelines for insights into problems and opportunities.

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For the last 15 years, RevenueTEK has been helping organisations extract more insight and value from their CRM systems, finally delivering the ROI on what is one of their most significant and business-critical technology investments. 


We have an AI-based analytics solution called Telemetry, that works a lot like an MRI scanner. 

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Raise the Bar on Your CRM
Want 24% more revenue from your CRM?

Last week I saw another pricing expert posting on social media that a 1% increase in sales price was the most effective way to drive operating profit.

The fact is that a 1% improvement in sales pipeline conversion will drive nearly 6 times more sales and profit uplift than a 1% increase in price.  And that’s before you allow for the hit to your conversion from that increase in price.  Improving conversion and velocity through the revenue pipeline is not only way more effective at driving sales and profit, it's way less risky and less costly.


If you don't believe that, watch here.

For the last 15 years, RevenueTEK has been helping organisations extract more insight and value from their CRM systems, finally delivering the ROI on what is one of their most significant and business-critical technology investments. Over the last 15 years we’ve had quite phenomenal success in helping organisations drive ROI from their investments in CRM.

Organisations buy CRM’s for various reasons, but ultimately they do so to boost revenue. 

RevenueTEK has been engaged by some of the world’s most iconic companies, who have employed Telemetry RT3 and our Marginal Gain formula to deliver quite staggering year-on-year revenue and profit results. Up until the arrival of COVID March 2020, our average client revenue uplift over the three years post engagement with us, was 24% year on year; roughly the same as doubling sales every three and a bit years.

Why do CRM projects continue to fail so often?

CRM projects fail to deliver on their vaunted value propositions and ROI projections four times out of five.  The root causes of those failures are frighteningly simple and easily avoidable.  Why don't more organisations learn from their own and others' earlier mistakes?

You’ve missed your sales target – whom do you blame?

If generating revenue is all about taking a client on a journey with you, from not needing any product, solution, or service to making a decision to purchase from you – how can you achieve that in the most productive way as a complete organisation?

There is general agreement across business leaders that sales and marketing teams need to evolve.  But evolve into what?

Businesses are investing billions in sales and marketing technology and training as a response to the levels of automation and systems that are making a deeper and deeper impact on the sales and marketing functions. But what are the key factors that really influence Revenue Performance?

Enhancing your Revenue Performance Management

RevenueTEK has spent the last decade studying, diagnosing, and remedying sub-optimal revenue performance around the world.  Our goal is to show sales leaders how marginal gains when applied to CRM and pipeline management, simplifies the insane complexity of systems and data and delivers transformational results without the risk, pain or cost.

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Turbocharge your CRM with revenue intelligence and analytics

Organizations buy CRM’s for various reasons, but ultimately they do so to boost revenue.  Other oft-sited benefits include improving customer experience, getting better visibility over customers, enabling better marketing, and centralising data.  But those – and many others, are all contributing benefits or drivers.  Ultimately the goal is more revenue.

Who owns the revenue pipeline?

Many questions to address, such as "Is it a Pipeline or is it a Funnel?", "What about Mid Funnel or Lead Nurturing?" Depending on whom you ask, you’ll often receive a very different answer. Marketing will focus on their part, sales on theirs, and in many cases, no one focuses on the whole. Indeed, individual compensation and bonus plans can often reinforce a fragmented view.

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STOP – Why are you doing that?

Are you doing what you need to do, or what you’ve been told worked for others?  The treatment ought to fit the diagnosis inside the company. What we do inside companies ought to be based on the facts. What are the problems? What seem to be the causes of the problems? What are the various things that we can do that will make the problems better?”

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The answer you get often depends on the question you ask. 

To respond to the pandemic, most companies reached for the “cost” lever.  And rightly so.  When sales disappear as they did and cash is more precious than oxygen, costs have to go.   There’s a better, safer way not only of achieving more profitable growth but of turning around downward spirals brought on by difficult markets, falling sales – and global pandemics.  One that’s not only more effective, but less risky and less costly.

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Could you drive a F1 car?

Many would like to think so, but very few actually could. How many of us have seen motoring journalists put into the seat of a Formula 1 car, only to stall it when trying to get it to move!  What does this have to do with business you might ask?  Well, the truth is that many companies fail to see the parallel with the analogy above when it comes to selecting and deploying individuals in their sales, business development and Key Account Management roles.

For the last 15 years, RevenueTEK has been building an “MRI scanner”; Instead of sliding your body into a machine, you feed CRM and other relevant data into our revenue intelligence system – called Telemetry RT3, press the button, and in seconds discover what’s going right and wrong inside your CRM and sales pipeline.  And get it moving again!

"If you act as if you have a major crisis, you’ll give a problem the attention it deserves”.

Something we've observed with CEOs facing crisis situations, is they often have a tendency to “batten down the hatches”.  When they do, however, they often prevent people and insight who can help, from getting in and doing so.

For the last 15 years, RevenueTEK has been innovating and building an “MRI scanner” for corporate sales and marketing systems, which is to say, for CRMs and revenue pipelines.


Now it’s complete and available for businesses to improve their CRM effectiveness and productivity, and their pipeline output.

From sticking a magnet on a fridge to throwing a ball into a basketball hoop, the forces of physics affect every moment of our lives.

A fifth fundamental force might help explain some of the big puzzles of the Universe that have exercised scientists in recent decades. Is there a Fifth Force in sales pipelines?

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