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7 priorities for rebuilding
your revenue generation

Learn how to build - or rebuild, your sales

and marketing operations into a systematic, future-ready revenue production machine.

Marginal Gains
Marginal gains are force
multipliers for revenue
and profit improvement

Tiny improvements in your revenue processes can yield huge results - provided you know where and how to make them.

Magnetic Revenue Imaging with Telemetry RT3

Just like an MRI for a human body, look into the cellular biology of your revenue pipelines for insights into problems and opportunities.

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Want more revenue out of your CRM?  How about 24% more?
The answer you get often depends on the question you ask. An Important concept for business.
Who owns the revenue pipeline?

OrganisationsOrganizations buy CRM’s for various reasons, but ultimately they do so to boost revenue.  Other oft-sited benefits include improving customer experience, getting better visibility over customers, enabling better marketing, and centralising data.  But those – and many others, are all contributing benefits or drivers.  Ultimately the aim is more revenue.

To respond to the pandemic, most companies reached for the “cost” lever.  And rightly so.  When sales disappear as they did and cash is more precious than oxygen, costs have to go.   

There’s a far better, safer way not only of achieving more profitable growth but of turning around downward spirals brought on by difficult markets, falling sales – and global pandemics. One that’s not only more effective, but less risky and costly.

Many questions to address, such as "Is it a Pipeline or is it a Funnel?", "What about Mid Funnel or Lead Nurturing?" Depending on whom you ask, you’ll often receive a very different answer. Marketing will focus on their part, sales on theirs, and in many cases, no one focuses on the whole. Indeed, individual compensation and bonus plans can often reinforce a fragmented view.

Lies, damned lies ... and analytics

Are big data, sales analytics and AI really having that much of an effect on revenue performance and results?

Moneyball and revenue management
Revenue production in the age of hyper-competition 
How to make certain your CRM project fails.
Black-Light Revenue
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