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Professional service firms around the world are challenged with optimising and professionalising the part of their businesses overlooked and undervalued by so many - Business Development. 

Telemetry can help them. 

The traditional model for marketing and selling in the professional services industry has been in trouble for some time.  Client loyalty, satisfaction, and referrals - the historical lynchpins of revenue growth, are now in an accelerating downward spiral. The old strategies and techniques - based solely on networking and relationships, won't cut it anymore.  A modern, digital-fueled, data-inspired content marketing approach, is now the key to success and growth.

The digital chips are down, and the challenge for lagging firms becomes bigger and more difficult with each passing day. We live in a digital-first world, and that isn't going to change.  Professional services firms – both large and small – understand their future business growth is only ever going to become more and more digitally driven. 

Digital is the car.  Data is the GPS.

Busy Street

People is the first leg of the stool.  The right types with the right knowledge and skills.

Telemetry couples arguably the world's most advanced AI based behavioural, psychometric and personality analytics engine - one specifically designed for predicting success in business development (Sales / BD Behaviour & Psychometric Assessment - "S/BD BPA"), with the most comprehensive analysis of a person's current knowledge, skills and aptitude for selling available in the world today (Sales / BD Capability Assessment - "S/BD CA").  Each person's personality and behavioural fit for business development together with their current sales knowledge and skill level mapped against industrial and global benchmarks is available within a few hours.

The Sales Capability Assessment ("SCA") links directly with the Institute of Sales Professionals global Sales & BD Knowledge Base, making available the world's most comprehensive online, self-directed, self-paced learning resources mapped specifically to each person's current level of ability and experience.

Visualise and understand.  Fast!

Telemetry provides the world’s best pipeline data lineage, cause and effect, and impact analysis at scale. Trace the entire revenue lifecycle from source through to output and build understanding of dependencies between the drivers of revenue performance and risk.

Some of the world's leading professional services and consulting firms have used Telemetry's Automated Pipeline Data Lineage to visualise their entire client pipeline and opportunity flows.


Collaborate around client pipeline.  Drive acquisition, retention, value and growth.

Telemetry enables users with revenue responsibility to access and understand what is really going on inside their pipelines.  Configurable roles align with responsibilities and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes across the sales ecosystem.

The platform brings information and insight to the people that need it, anywhere and anytime, enabling them to collaborate on and track pipeline activity in real time. Powerful exploration, analytics, impact and lineage analysis maximise pipeline data value across service lines.


De-risk client sales pipelines.  Improve forecast assurance.

Telemetry provides insights into assurance and risk around forecasts via reporting and analytics, including performance and risk dashboards and forecast probability metrics. The system gathers continuous performance data across a range of core pipeline, people and pricing metrics across products, services, business units, territories, teams and individuals. 

Performance measurements and risk assessments are standardised and can be automated through event triggers based on tolerance thresholds for different metrics.  Notifications and subscriptions alert management when the systems detects thresholds have been or are in danger of being breached.

Hear what leaders in some of the world's top professional services and consulting firms think about RevenueTEK and Telemetry RT3.

RevenueTEK has again been shortlisted as one of the world's leading sales analytics companies by CIO Applications.

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