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The telecommunications revenue model gets more sophisticated, complex and nuanced.  Telemetry makes it simpler.

Telco's keep us all connected in a never-ending variety of ways, 24/7. It’s not easy offering ever more personalised customer experiences without leveraging data to identify opportunities and create value.  It’s even more difficult to win, hold and then consistently extract that value from customers who are more informed and demanding than they have ever been. 

Telemetry represents a solution to these challenges.

Particularly in times of economic, political and commercial uncertainty, telecommunications providers need predictive insights from trusted data to make critical decisions and compete effectively.

Telemetry can unify the entire revenue ecosystem across people, processes, pricing and pipeline to foster understanding, collaboration and consistency across the end-to-end customer buying experience.

Pinpoint marginal gain opportunities.  Unlock disproportionate value.

Telecommunications providers sell and deliver an often bewildering array variety of services – network, cellular and television – to enterprise, residential and government customers, through equally complex channel and partner structures.  Business units across the enterprise need specialised information to analyse marketing and sales effectiveness and productivity and to enable optimum tactical intervention to maximise sales and margins.

Telemetry RT3's world-leading suite of extraction, search, analysis and collaboration features are available in the one platform. Telemetry unifies the entire end-to-end pipeline, providing unprecedented visibility, predictive and prescriptive analytical insights.

Simplify the insanely complex.

When your pipelines span the globe, feature hundreds or even thousands of products, services, rep's and produce massive amounts of customer, sales and market data every day, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the insane level of complexity. Telemetry provides the world’s best data lineage, impact analysis and causal diagnostics at scale. 

It was designed specifically for CRM's, Marketing Automation and other pipeline-relevant systems and platforms. Granular traversal enables tracing data points back to their pipeline source, highlighting dependencies and enabling decisions informed by insight into consequences. Some of the largest global communications companies have used Telemetry to deliver unprecedented insights into the people, processes and systems responsible for delivering their sales outcomes.

Collaborate around pipeline.  Drive sales and value.

Telemetry enables users with revenue responsibility to access and understand what is really going on inside their pipelines.  Configurable roles align with responsibilities and automated workflows facilitate collaboration by standardising and tracking processes across the sales ecosystem.

The platform brings information and insight to the people that need it, anywhere and anytime, enabling them to collaborate on and track pipeline activity in real time. Powerful exploration, analytics, impact and lineage analysis maximise pipeline data value across the business.

De-risk sales pipeline.  Secure forecasts.

Telemetry provides insights into assurance and risk around forecasts via reporting and analytics, including performance and risk dashboards and forecast probability metrics. The system gathers continuous performance data across a range of core pipeline, people and pricing metrics across products, services, business units, territories, teams and individuals. 

Performance measurements and risk assessments are standardised and can be automated through event triggers based on tolerance thresholds for different metrics.  Notifications and subscriptions alert management when the systems detects thresholds have been or are in danger of being breached.

See what leaders in the telecommunications industry think about their experiences with RevenueTEK and Telemetry RT3.

RevenueTEK has again been shortlisted as one of the world's leading sales analytics companies by CIO Applications.

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