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Transforming sales forecasting and revenue performance with the world's most advanced pipeline analysis & sales improvement engine.

Use AI, machine learning and deep data analytics to simplify and take control of your revenue-generating systems, processes and people, and extract the one-percent insights that will transform your sales performance and results.


Prior to 2019, RevenueTEK was a consulting company that grew out of trying to solve one of the biggest problems sales leaders face.

Creating revenue - sustainably, is a problem that plagues companies around the world.  Most companies.  The reason why it persists as such a major problem after decades of massive investments in technology, people and reorganisation after reorganisation, is that revenue is actually a wicked problem.  In this context, wicked doesn't refer to evil.  Rather wicked problems are problems that are extraordinarily difficult or even impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and / or changing requirements that are often difficult or impossible to recognise.  Wicked problems often can't be fixed, because there is no single solution.  Moreover, because of frequently complex interdependencies, efforts to solve one aspect of a wicked problem reveal or create other problems either up or downstream.  They are defined by their complexity and often characterised by organised irresponsibility.  The modern act of selling - especially B2B, in our view satisfies all these conditions.

Organisations - even the largest and most sophisticated, simply cannot understand much less control the sales systems, processes and people that impact along the entire length of the sales pipeline.  As a result, sales leaders preside over sub-optimal sales outcomes because they are unable - often through no fault of their own, to make the right decisions to manage the complexity they face.

To put it simply, we're mortified that sales conversion is dying, that sales leaders are drowning in complexity and that not enough is being done about it.  More money than ever is being spent on CRM's and all manner of sales and marketing technology, consulting, recruiting, reorganising - the list goes on, but the situation isn't improving.  We set out to change that, and we are - with Telemetry - one percent at a time!


Deploying Telemetry, we apply the same principles to analysing sales pipelines and CRM's as medical science does for Magnetic Resonance Imaging ("MRI").  By connecting directly into the data - typically inside CRM's, Marketing Automation systems and other sales and marketing-relevant platforms, Telemetry's algorithms present visually - via dashboards, the incremental one and two percent performance improvement opportunities hiding in the data, prioritising those that carry with them the greatest potential revenue impact, highest probability of success, least organisational risk and lowest cost.

Why is that special?

The typical corporate sales pipeline converts less than 2% of leads into sales.  It is by far the worst performing process in business today.  In a few minutes we can show you what our clients already know, and that is that just three one percent improvements in stage conversion made at the correct stages of the pipeline can deliver a 13% overall annual sales uplift.  Think carefully about that.  By definition 50% of organisations will be operating at less than average.  For those companies, the consequent overall uplift will be greater than 13% - in many cases, much more.  In fact, the worse your pipeline is operating, the better the result.

That's why Telemetry is so special.  It was built to drill into the data - simplify the insane complexity, bypass guesswork and opinion, and objectively pinpoint the lowest cost, lowest risk, one and two percent pipeline improvement opportunities and in doing so, help deliver hugely disproportionate sales improvements.  Since 2005 the average annual client annual sales uplift has been 24%.

 That's the same as doubling sales every three years.

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Medical science uses MRI's to scan human cells for risks and other abnormalities, and to prescribe the optimum course of treatment.

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Our technology uses AI and machine learning to do exactly the same thing for corporate CRM's and the pipeline data they contain.

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Called Telemetry RT3, it is a patented 360 degree intelligence, risk and predictive analytics solution designed specifically for sales.

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Clients around the world have deployed it, increasing sales by an average of 24% per annum while doubling and trebling profits.

Numbers that speak volumes



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"Completely changed our outlook on the way we engaged with our market and customers.  Their ability to engage an experienced team and get them switched onto “the buyers’ journey” was fantastic.  I would thoroughly recommend RevTEK to any CEO or business leader – whether they think they have a problem with revenue or not.”

Stuart McLean

CEO - Google Enterprise


"The Business Intelligence and Analytics market globally is already flooded with sophisticated decision-support tool. But RT3 Telemetry is the first and still the only BI solution we have seen anywhere in the world with a value proposition that speaks directly to how to dramatically grow revenue consistently and sustainably – by leveraging small, insight-driven increments."

Brett Ison

Head of Analytics Sales

IBM Asia-Pacific

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"In my career I’ve worked in and with some of the biggest advisory and consulting organisations in the world.  Since working with the RevenueTEK team our entire philosophy on how to market and sell has been transformed.  In more than twenty years I haven’t learned as much about revenue improvement as during the six months I worked with them.  I now recommend them to our clients."

Mike Trovato


Technology Risk Management


From analysis to insight to action.  The journey starts here.

Video Reel
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Optimising CRM & pipeline productivity post-Pandemic

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A new way of looking at sales process and analytics

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It's your move; the transformative power of augmented intelligence and marginal gains

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One case study from hundreds, about a client who trebled their profits after a few one percent changes.

Case studies and stories

Working around the world, to make a world of difference for our clients.

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Seven steps to pipeline optimisation and productivity

Structuring your sales and marketing operations into a systematic, future-ready revenue production machine.

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Marginal gains are critical to defending and growing sales post-pandemic

Small improvements to revenue systems and processes can yield disproportionately large payoffs.  The right analytics can provide insight on where and how.

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MRI-like scanning analytics for CRM's and sales pipelines

Small improvements to revenue systems and processes can yield disproportionately large payoffs.  The right analytics can provide insight on where and how.

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